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Provided assistance and appeared as a piracy expert on "True Caribbean Pirates" television show and DVD, History Channel, 2006.

Provided expertise on sea survival during the Age of Sail for the book The Worst-Case Scenario Almanac: History by Joshua Piven et al.

The history of pirate myth is rich in action, at sea and ashore. In The Golden Age of Piracy, expert pirate historian Benerson Little debunks more than a dozen pirate myths that derive from this erafrom the flying of the Jolly Roger to the burying of treasure, from walking the plank to the staging of epic sea battlesand shows that the truth is far more fascinating and disturbing than the romanticized legends. Recently ranked as high #21 on Kindle and #2 in Military History in i Books! Scotsman Edward Mac Naughton, a former privateer captain, twice accused and acquitted of piracy and currently seeking a commission, is ensnared in the intrigue associated with the attempt to assassinate King William III in 1696.

Who plots to kill the king, who will rise in rebellionand which of three women in his life, the dangerous smuggler, the wealthy widow with a dark past, or the former lover seeking independencemight kill to further political ends?

Below are eyewitness images of French buccaneers (flibustiers) and, at the bottom, boucaniers, all dating to the 1680s.

These, and a few others described at the link above, are the only known eyewitness images of "Golden Age" buccaneers and pirates.

Forward to the new edition (ebook only, I believe, unfortunately, unlike the first edition) of The Gigantic Book of Pirate Stories compiled and edited by Steve Brennan (Skyhorse Publishing, 2017).Variously wooing and defying Fortune, Captain Mac Naughton approaches life in the same way he wields a sword or commands a fighting ship: with the heart of a lion and the craft of a fox.28 July 2015: Benerson Little has turned in the final draft of "Fortune's Whelp" and the staff is damn excited.He is considered a leading expert on piracy past and present, and is the historical consultant for the STARZ television drama Black Sails, and also for Firelock Games, makers of Blood & Plunder, a "historical tabletop game of high stakes buccaneering on the Spanish Main." Silver-hilted French colichemarde dating to the 1690s.The silver hilt has a 1688 charge mark, the year such were instituted, and may therefore be earlier.

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