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“She was canoodling and getting chummy [with him]," a witness told the newspaper a few weeks ago, adding: "They sat together at the ball and partied at 1OAK until the place closed at 7 a.m.” This interaction may or may not have transpired at the aforementioned event.

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Maybe you both wanted to be an astronaut when you were little! He’ll either name one or he’ll say they all make him sick. You know you’ll have to probe for details if he answers “yes”. Remember it for later dates, but don’t wear it on date two. Sometimes it’s a fascinating story…sometimes it’s “we met at work.”Always a good insight into a guy!

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The on-demand Debian scanner seems very quick (although the daily signature update is full, as against incremental, thus not as good for dial-up users) It has a GUI and is easy to install. My regards Thanks for bringing the new Linux-friendly version to our attention. prd=afl I can't use 8.5 on my Win98SE machine either. Linux Home Edition represents an antivirus solution for the increasingly popular Linux platform.