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Sing along with me now, anyone remember the skit from Mad TV called "Lowered Expectations? I should have remembered that these speeches are the 21st century version of a pick-up line.

He previously covered technology for TIME's Techland and wrote about politics as a staff writer at The Instead, researchers wanted to figure out a way to give doctors a subjective, quantitative way to measure mood disorders. First, 26 subjects made decisions that led to financial wins or losses, all while being monitored by an MRI machine.Later, 18,420 people played a game called “The Great Brain Experiment,” which replicated the experiment with points instead of money.We drank the champagne, but it wasn't exactly romantic, since we were watching TV and then I fell asleep waiting for him to come to bed. Just because he is working doesn't mean he can't stop by a store and pick up a card, or buy me a small present. There is no earthly reason why he couldn't come through, like he promised, except that he just doesn't think it matters. I'm going to go out shopping, and commit serious bank account abuse, preferably on some things he will truly hate. Reality is, he agreed to celebrate it, then screwed it up all by himself.I'm supposed to understand, and say nothing, because he's providing a nice income, and running this new business. He thinks that no matter what he does, I'll still be here, keeping the home fires warm, dealing with the kids, and keeping our lives together.

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