Intimidating sports slogans

“Well guess we didn’t have or bring everything, that sucks. The Nationals, Capitals and the football team all have an identity that survives regardless of personnel or on-field tactics. On TV I thought everyone in the stadium was wearing a Detroit Red Wings logo. San Antonio Spurs — “Go Spurs Go” San Antonio has been using this one for a long time. It’s not unique or even special, but it’s as Spursian as Coach Pop or Kawhi Leonard’s demeanor. Portland Trail Blazers — “Rip City” This is a longstanding classic and there’s really no reason to mess with a classic. Houston Rockets — “Run As One” We are not just one guy. The slogan itself is pulled from a box of 20, but it’s fresh and gets the message across. And there’s been plenty of other disappointing headlines to worry about without even mentioning Indiana sent a guy they didn’t even like to be vice president.

Let’s all go home now.” If only the city of Los Angeles had a single creative/PR/advertising firm that could have aided this effort. The Wizards just don’t and “DC Family” doesn’t seem to get them any closer to having one. Toronto Raptors — “Northside” ‘Northside’ is super Toronto-y and is a pretty ‘hot track with a sick beat.’ Did I say that right? Even after staring at the shirt for 20 seconds it didn’t register to me that this was a shoe. Extra points for arranging the shirts in Moda Center to spell out “Rip City” also. The Rockets are “Moreyball.” It turns out James Harden was at his best when he shared the ball more than ever before. So big ups to the Indiana Pacers for saying something positive and trying to promote a culture of unity with their shirts this year.

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