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Unfortunately, I like those artists too and I couldn’t run the risk of meeting someone with whom I had anything in common.So I pretended to be into acts only a maniac could love: Jamiroquai, The Lighthouse Family, Son Of Dork, and Afroman of ‘Because I Got High’ fame. These days no-one thinks you’re some kind of whey-faced spod just because you met your girlfriend on Guardian Soulmates. But still, you can see the appeal, especially as online dating has lost some of its stigma.Some of us don’t even have personalities beyond our music taste.Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just list bands we liked? Enter, a new-ish dating site aimed solely at music fans.

The Facebook application alone has over 8.5 million monthly active users, and Zoosk claims that they've managed to attract over 30 million total users across all of their applications.

The more we learn what you like, the better it gets.

Download now for Windows Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Try the Mac version You’ll need a special version of the Desktop App to scrobble from i Tunes 12.7 on Windows.

Then again, maintaining an online persona can be just as exhausting as manufacturing a real one.

All those categories to fill in and interests to feign (fringe theatre, Vogon poetry, kabbadi).

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