Dating scene minneapolis

Side Note: for homework, I want every girl who reads this to write a list of your top 10 guy friends and mark off 2 boxes, one for if you think they would sleep with you and the other if they would date you.If you have more than 2 boxes empty on the sleep side, you're probably wrong already.

In the days of incurable sex diseases and rookies, women (and men, too) must use common sense and wit to keep safe, but it has now parlayed to a fear of nearly all personal contact outside of a platonic level. Men do it way less than in previous generations because it gives off this "creepy" factor, even though, as I said earlier, all men are creepy in this sense.

I have lived here for 4 years, and I have been on a combined total of 8 dates in that span.

Keep in mind, numbers can be super deceiving (4 of those dates took place in 2010, the last 2 were between november '11 and early this January.

But take my suggestion only after reading some responses of some of the Twin City posters.

I'm married, and haven't been on the dating scene in Minneapolis in my 30s; all that said, I think it's pretty good.

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