Benefits consolidating data centers

When there are many data centers, the loss of one has limited effect.

But if the number of disaster recovery sites is reduced, for example, from many to a relatively small number, the loss of any one of the DR facilities would be devastating.

A centralized disaster recovery site would need to have storage on the floor for those applications in all production sites that require data replication.

The heat generated by the equipment is difficult to dissipate in an older data center, which typically has 12-foot ceilings.In many cases, they have grown by acquisition and have added data centers along with their new subsidiaries.Data center consolidation isn't only an issue for disaster recovery (DR) planners in large companies.Legacy data centers were designed for power loading of 35 to 45 watts per square foot, but keep in mind that highly concentrated equipment may draw up to 100 watts per square foot.Many older data centers are laid out with a relatively large area for raised floor and less for mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) equipment.

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