Adult dating sites in zambia

“I actually don’t have a very interesting life, it is quite boring. I also love horseback riding, eating and cooking, I actually love good food,” she said. “I have 17 siblings and I love all of them and they are so dear to me. I also three elder sisters and four younger sisters, three elder brothers and a younger one,” she said.

I know some people feel like I always have a gas when I wake up. Iris also clarified that she is still interested in running for public office but feared that Zambian politics are not yet attractive for young people like her.

She was fined K10,000 after she was convicted of making obscene materials.

Featuring on the My Top Ten at Ten radio show on Hot FM, Iris who is the daughter of Former Cabinet Minister Dr Michael Kaingu said she is off the dating scene because she feels that most Zambian men are full of pretence.

Beginning in 1979 and continuing into the 1980s, the relatively high international oil price, the country’s declining terms of trade, and the sluggishness of the domestic economy brought about rapid inflation and the emergence of an unofficial market (consisting of the smuggling of goods abroad in order to avoid taxes and price controls).

Despite attempts to cut imports to the barest minimum, the trade deficit widened to an unprecedented level, and the balance-of-payments problem became so acute that development projects had to be suspended.

“I am not dating now, infact I have not dated for four years.

“I know one day I will run and serve in a public office but today’s politics in Zambia are cut throat.

Not that I am scared but it is just not one needs proper timing before venturing into politics,” she said.

Iris Kaingu has revealed that she has not been dating for over four years because she finds most Zambian men not genuine.

And Iris who became famous in 2012 when her sex tape leaked and went viral on the internet says her dream is to marry Prince Harry.

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